This site aims to reference the African fashion tailors and fabrics stores around the world. Its purpose is also to unify around shared values ​​, mutual support , tips and ideas exchange through its discussion forum and facebook page.

The platform is not closed to African community but promotes diversity by highlighting all-style creations made by our craftsmen. It is for all lovers of fashion and original tailor-made pieces.

Everyone can share his craftsman address. The craftsman can contact us in order to cancel his data if he doesn’t want to appear in the directory. Everyone can also gives feedback about our tailors (reviews).

If you are a Tailor, Dressmaker or a Fabric shop , this platform is yours.

The concept creator's word

12767777_182108868828124_1056042777_n“Hello and welcome ! I am a young woman living in France. I grew up in Senegal, where the culture of “tailor-made” is still very present, particularly for African outfits, but also for European-style, Arab-style or Asian-style outfits. The profession of tailor remains widespread in Africa. Generally, everyone has his appointed designer and participates in the design of his outfit. You choose your fabric, discuss the model with your dressmaker. The tailor may offer a catalog and the customer can imagine his outfit inspired by catalog’s different models . A real creative work in which the customer is involved! Interested in everything related to the African beauty, I saw on the forums that many people were desperately searching of African tailors addresses in Diaspora. And I did not find any directory specifically for these craftsmen. Thus was born the idea to create the first directory of  African Fashion Designers.”


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